Susan Hazer Designs

Most Recent Awards

Best of jewelry, enameling and fine metalwork
2011 Indianapolis Art Center
Student Show

Rio Grande award for jewelry and fine metalwork
2012 Indianapolis Art Center
Student Show


Susan Hazer of Susan Hazer Designs

Artist Statement:

I am passionate about creating silver, copper and glass jewelry and metalwork constructions. My heart sings and I lose track of time and am fully present when I am creating. Embarking on my artistic journey has been a magnificent adventure that started several years ago.

I am inspired by nature and am particularly moved by water, water with its calm and power, its constant movement and change. I have always loved to learn and am energized when trying new techniques. I prefer the asymmetrical and I like simple designs.

I invite you to explore the variety of my work, work infused with love. I strive to create and live with an open heart.